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about me

I’m Scarlett. 13 years young. There are SO many things you have to know to really know me, but here’s a few:

  1. My favorite animal’s a cow.
  2. I lived in California my whole life until I was ten, then moved to where I am today.
  3. I’ve always loved writing and blogging.
  4. Brown hair, brown eyes, tan skin(:
  5. I’m really skinny. Sometimes I hate it, but other times I’m thankful.
  6. I’m growing my hair out to get it to the length it was when I lived in CA.
  7. I love my cat. She’s like my child.
  8. I really like boys. I love them. (especially 1D (especially Niall))
  9. I’m really weird. Like, creepy weird. Not perverted, though I have my moments. I’m just a freak.
  10. I made this blog because I missed California and going to Maui every year so this’ll hold me through the winter, fall, and spring.