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frequently asked questions(:

Who made your banner? I don’t know. I found it on my dash and I liked it, but whoever made it gets full credit.

Do you do promos? No. I don’t have many followers and I’m almost positive if I did do one nobody would respond.

Will you do a promo for me? Sure, but you have to be following me. If I do a promo for you don’t expect to get followers, because I don’t have very many.

What’s your theme? I have a custom theme, but I started with Star-Aurora by level82.

How did you get the Kony 2012 banner on the side of your blog? It’s too long to explain, so just click on it and follow the instructions.

Check out my blog? If you make a post and tag it with tropicanamango and you ask nicely. Don’t be rude, please. If you message me I’ll delete it.

Follow me/like my photo/reblog my photo? No. That’s rude. I don’t follow on command, I’ll like a photo ONLY if I really like it, and I’ll reblog only if it fits my blog type. 

Why the unfollow? Either you just weren’t my blog type, I didn’t reblog from you, or it was an accident. In that case, I’ll follow you right back(: Oh, and I’ll unfollow you if you’ve been inactive for more than 3 days.

I sent you a link. WELL, DON’T. Anon or not, I hate it when people send me links, as if I’m supposed to click on them. Yeah, right. If you’re off anon I’ll block you, on anon I’ll respond with “no.” or “FAQ.” or both. Sometime’s I’ll even tell you to go away.

I want your cursor. Here’s the website I got it from:


Do you give out celeb tumblrs? No, I don’t just give them out. Either you do something for me (like vote for me in a botm) or trade me something.

How many blogs do you follow? Around 400. I’m unfollowing more and more each day because I get stuff I don’t like or don’t reblog on my dash and I want to get rid of it. 

How many followers do you have? If you ask me off anon I’ll tell you(: 

Thanks to everyone who actually reads this(: 

**I track the tag tropicanamango so if you want to get my attention, you know what to do! (make a post and tag me.)**